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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 6, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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county when maryland's first casino opens next ñ6 going to have 1500 slot machines. i'm christian schaffer. businesses in perryville and along i-95 are hoping the casino is going to pay off for them as well. kelly swoope is back with the details. >> chris a lot of people ?j#rg their fingered crossed on this one. the 89 million-dollar hollywood casino is scheduled to open next month in perryville. wthere 965 machines an another 600 will be set up between now and monday. pen e penn national says the first casino in the state will actually help boost the economy. 350 jobs here permanent jobs. that doesn't even include the over 900 construction jobs that we've already had since we began building the facility !uç late last year. additionally tax dollars, 67% tax rate in maryland. so, the state and local community will be able to benefit from that as well. >> hollywood casino is
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actually ahead be(of schedule the expected opening date to be september 30th. kelly swoope abc 2 news. i judge is going to determine whether it's goingjj be okay to put large political since in their yards. this comes after county resident stephen kolbe was to remove a campaign sign from his lawn. he 6+>ñtook down the 4 by 8 sig that backed. we'll let you know what úhd÷the judge in that case says. the controversial plan to bring a second wal-mart store to baltimore city is now in the hands of the city counsel. baltimore city planning commission voted unanimously to approve a planned unit development for the ñkproject a its meeting last night. opponents want a guarantee that workers at the proposed stores will be paid what's called a living wage. the developers hope to
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large stores by the fall of next year. top stories an investigator with the humane society of the united states immediate with anne arundel nto the inquiry of a shooting death of a siberian husky bear bear this week. an off duty federal officer who is on administrative leave is accused of shooting the dog at a community dog ;a"ñpark. the agent told police the husky attacked his dog and tried to bite him. the dog's owners say bear bear was just saying. police do not believe the deaths of two women and two n prince george's county were random. bodies were found above an apartment in a detached garage. the conditions inside that home were horrific and does gusting. no running water x amount of debris was inside that apartment. no word yet on the cause of their deaths. fred bealefeld believes baltimore city needs a new state attorney. he has placed two signs in his
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front yard supporting greg bernstein. bealefeld did was unprecedented. he says a commercial as a private citizen has a right to support anyone he wants. three workers are recovering after a barn collapse in howard county. three workers of the barn when it began caving in. the workers were taken to the hospital for treatment. the building came down when the it has been an unusually hot summer both here and across the country. in many places the dangerously hot temperatures have been magnified by high humidity heat advisories are in effect in 18 states. >> what's been unique about this heat wave is how long it has lasted and how humid it has been. s one word you could use i suppose. forecasters say it may be weeks
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before real relief will arrive. finally the weekend is here. this is a inner harbor the water, i can't tell exactly where they are. it's a much quieter night than last night. wyatt everhart is here 4óou)u$ first forecast. >> maybe it's the whole like inspired to swim thing. >> it is amazing the kind of heat we've had all summer but today we finally had j3ma break this time yesterday we had a heat advisory today not so bad. high temperatures many of us did touch 90 but we spent most of the day in the 80s. ending up at cooling off now. look at that humidity beautiful thing. down in the 35% range or so. crystal clear sky above means we're cooling 80s going 70s and eventually down into the uf60s
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daybreak tomorrow. if. thanks a lot wyatt. firefighters and police are battling fires in the region of russia. the 10,000 firefighters battling fires are still not enough and many villagers that live there think the same thing. many of them have lost their homes. dozens of fires have ignited around the moss co-area. at 'k 2,000 homes have been destroyed so far in russia. an update on the oil spill clean up. bp says some day it might drill gulf of mexico reservoir that has just finished sealing off. chief operating officers said quote this is lots of oil and gas under there. bp cruz still relief well to plug the oil from the bottom. are we on the road to recovery just yet the president says yes but newly released is<
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numbers are casting doubt. one woman's frightening experience leads to a warning for users of social networking sites. how a status update resulted in a burglary. ♪
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now we'll look at the economy. president obama is making a series =izappearances talking up his economic policies. but unemployment still poses a major problem. the numbers come out the first friday of every month and it shows c"ny÷joblessness is still the q,trise. significantly worse today than economist were expecting. 131,000 jobs were lost in july as the government continued to shed temporary d:ñcensus worker >> the unemployment rate shows no sign of improving at this slow pays it will take decades. >> the figures were not just grim for july. announced downward revisions to reports from may and june showing 97 knewer jobs were created than previously announced. the heat wave and deep discounts drove shoppers bag into the pgnmalls that doesn't mean sales were hot. customers remain picky about where they spend their money
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that could mean even more bad news to retailers for the back jr'g season. last night on abc 2 the show boston med followed a 4- year-old stoke victim that little girl is out of the hospital, but it looks like her troubles are far from over.c [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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. last night on abc 2 the young stroke victim. she had bleeding in her brain when she was only 4 years old. now she's dealing with kidney problems. liz brunner tells us how doing and how her struggles are far from over. >> something is wrong with ply daughter now. she didn't know who i was. >> reporter: katelyn mcfee's trip to hospital was not her first. had popped. the pressure could kill her.
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they had no idea why it happened. >> reporter: the bleeding in her brain when she was only 4 came out of the blue 2 years after she an6yhad been diagnose with kidney trouble. now 17 months later katelyn is out of the hospital. >> i had to prove to them that i know how to take care of katelyn before they would let me go home. >> ÷ piling up hype higher than her medical supplies are the medica bills. >> right now the bills are over $300,000 this is still a transplant to come. >> the bills are endless. >> reporter: at night she's with mom dialysis until she can get a kidney transplant. she's unable to walk hther left- hand strong enough for coloring. the family's spirit still strong too. >> i do it because i love my
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child. >> i ÷just want people to appreciate what they have not take things for granted because i miss all that1. >> boston med airs thursday at 10:00 on abc 2. abc profiled johns hopkins in two previous series. a big relief for working moms new mxóstudy out of colum university shows kids can turn out just fine even if you head back to work during the first year of your child's life. while some kids performed worse on cognitiv found children whose mother's jobs significantly improved family income selected quality child care. those kids did not have setbacks compared with children of stay at home >]cmoms. a lot of you are without a job. abc 2 is trying to help. each wednesday on good morning maryland we put resumes on the air and online.
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we'll call you to tape a #9%20 second video pitch for yourself. we'll put that on air and our web site. an indiana woman came home to find her home burglarized and thousands of dollars worth of goods stole earn. as it turns out she unwittingly let the burglars know she was going to be away facebook post. the victim has a warning for other facebook users. randy kay explains. >> reporter: you're watching a burglary in progress. what the bad guys don't know is that 0ça security camera inside this indiana home is recording their every move. even when they get this close. the camera's blinking red light goes unnoticed. f the break-in carey mcmullen did what she had done hundreds of times before. she posted a facebook status update from her cell phone. she and her fiance' were going out for the úúñnight to see a
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band. heading to the hill with kurt to see fire department. she wrote at 5:46 p.m. within hours carey's sense of security would be shattered. never think it's going to happen to you. when it does anything can happen to you. >> reporter: at 8:00 45 p.m. march 20th, about 45 minutes after kurt locked the doors in. when they returned home that night, what they saw on their security camera tape stunned them. they watched as the burglars tore their right off the wall. >> they man handled it rip it off the wall. >> that night did you watch this together? >> yeah. several timesv >> reporter: carey and kurt reported the break-in but did their own police work too. they posted snapshots of the friend recognized one of the suspects. >> one contacted carey and
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said i know who that is and so do you he's on one of your friends, that's right. ntape carey says, is her facebook friend sean south. police have charged him and the other suspects with a felony, both are still on the run. carey says she childhood friends. she's known him since she was 7. >> you didn't recognize him or did you? >> i did not. i've not seen him in 15 to 20 years. once i went n5÷einto his page i started looking, it's the same posture, it's definitely him. >> sean south faces criminal charges in çxxleast 25 other cases including burglary, stolen property and battery. police say people need to be more cautious when using facebook. take a look at this mangled mess result uw@çof a collision of a car and motorcycle in washington state. the bike is wedged under the front end of the car.
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authorities say a drunk driver rammed the motorcycle from behind 0ñtossing the biker into the air. the car and bike wept another 450 feet. the motorcyclist was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover. people in prince george's county were dealing with lightning strikes afçrain yesterday, now they are dealing with downed trees and power lines. tonight about 75,000 people are still without electricity. forecasters say the recent wave of high humidity and high temp last night's fast moving storm. >> the area got extremely gray, and the wind came at a g"t velocity i had never seen before. no sooner than we get in the house 3 minutes later we heard a crashing. >> what they heard was trees mñbut no injuries were reported. .
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. pñthe storm we had last night stayed down in to our south. >> it really was rough. i know there are some people still trying to get their power back. back here what a change a day makes. we did ñ3'fhave storms yesterda the heat, humidity, now the humidity is gone. and we're looking at a fantastic day. fantastic across baltimore. you love to see this kind of weather pattern come in time for the weekend. i mean, how timely is that christian on a friday afternoon you got to love it. going to last about all weekend. a northwest wind. thank you northwest wind. bringing in that drier cooler air really out of canada originally, although it's somewhat modified by the time it gets down here. through the day aitin baltimore lot of sunshine and blue skies. i mean, that was our theme today. fanfantastic. lot of ]#bstraffic at the boat
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harbor. fantastic for boaters to get out and about if your plans take you down to the beech. we're looking at somite fine weather. 86 baltimore, 90 easton and 89 dulles. temperatures right now, ;ñb but again when you factor in this bone dry humidity out there it feels so much more pleasant than it has. one exception down toward the beaches we do have humidity closer to 50% iv7in ocean city that's still not too bad. and the dew point is higher there partly because of the influence of the bay and also the ocean there keeping things a little muggier beech side but the dforeally oppressive stuff well south of us. we're left with a nice dry airmass as a result very, very dry weather. maryland's powerful radar picking up a stray shower or two possible down toward shore, but nothing in the baltimore area or the upper eastern shore or out into western maryland. i want to take you out there here show you the eastern u. s. getting into a fine weather pattern except for
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south carolina and below down in the deep south. we've got there beautiful cool front that has brought in that drier cooler a and pushed that extreme heat south of us of that's where zghit should stay just about all weekend. we could touch 90 on sunday but still going to be a dry heat. forecast trend here keeps us partly cloudy through the day tomorrow. anywhere here wherever your travels take you virginia beech back up through new jersey all clear, and it lacks like that hangs on for australia we go into the day on sunday. sunday could be a little holter up only about 87 or so for us through the day on saturday. so that's going to be again very, very nice stuff with that low humidity. >> let's take a look at the forecast tonight. dro so mostly clear, comfortably cooler by daybreak tomorrow. in fact, just refreshing. eventually we climb to 87, but under mostly á4 just a nice day again very low humidity. that's the theme even into tomorrow night.
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a few clouds and we get quickly mild. dropping below 70 guess. probably any time after about 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow evening. let's takep1a look at the 7-da forecast and the trend is looking great for the weekend and beyond. you know, hey, it's august. you know it's not going to be in the 80s for too long but that's what we 1wñhave all weekend. then into early next week we heat it up bring back the threat for showers and storms wednesday, thursday, friday but plan the weekend looking like a real gem by the summer of standards. kelly. >> all right thanks wyatt. look ahead to abc 2 news at 6:00 we're working on details of an off duty police officer from the county involved in y#r assault. plus trap he's performances aren't just for the circus and celebrities at award shows. how fitness experts are taking there work out to the next level. what do you get 1.uñwhen you ha 43-foot sailboat that visits more than 20 countries around the world? you have a very fulfilled family from maryland. you're going to meet them tonight at 6:00.
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we get a preview what's coming your way on #úl÷world news at 6
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. who hasn't had a lemonade stand as a kid hw,one oregon g had one. county health inspectors shut her down. technically to have a lemonade stand even in your front yard
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you're supposed to get 120- dollar food handlers permit. oxjt)q" to see that enforced on a 7-year- old. the lemonade stand was set up where any vendor is allowed to set up. the inspectors asked for the permit z9>éeven threatened a 50- dollar fine. when the county chair heard about it he immediately called to apologize. >> i mean it's a kid. i mean, the moment, the f+upgoo old kid with the lemonade stand that's like america. >> any vendor can slow up the county is going to try to ensure food at public ea
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right now. the city's top cop is not backing th prosecutor in the upcoming election. good evening i'm kelly swoop. commissioner has )#"ñtwo signs running against city attorney pat jessamy. >> reporter: citizen xñ.afred bealefeld is supporting gregg bernstein for city attorney. commissioner fred bealefeld is letting the sign on his front lawn speak for itself. >> as long as i stand before you doing the city's business and doing ]lóñthe police department's business i have no comment to make about it. >> reporter: but the political commentary is loud enough. the city's top cop is auanot backing current city attorney jessamy in the upcoming election. a decision he made as a private citizen believing


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